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  1. Kero
    6 March 2015 @ 2255

    I’m impress


  2. Josh
    8 March 2015 @ 1831

    Love the little details of the place and how your presented it both in pictures and text. Very nice work!


  3. Blub .
    10 March 2015 @ 2323

    Best stronghold I’ve seen in a while that isn’t completely spammy with decorations. Nicely themed rooms. Love the ice and tropical rooms with additions of mounts and pets. Colour palettes are also nicely matched. I like the addition of the fountain and the voss lamp post to the marketplace, makes it look a lot more lively.


    • EleniRPG
      12 March 2015 @ 2211

      Thanks so much! I was really happy to have a good year-round use for all those icy Life Day decorations 🙂 The next Cartel pack will have a couple more civilians so hopefully they’ll add a little more life to the place–the poor female Togruta has to be in three places at once right now, haha.


  4. EleniRPG
    12 March 2015 @ 2206

    Less than a week gone by, and I’ve already changed one area of the stronghold. I hadn’t featured it in the above pictures because it only had some basic decorations, but I’ve finally figured out what to do with it. This is where I’d hang out in my stronghold if it were real!

    Put your feet up, sip a refreshing cocktail, and relax in our beachside lounge–on the sandy beach of the Dune Sea.


    • Blub .
      14 March 2015 @ 0148

      Perfection right there. Could use maybe 1 or 2 more palm trees if you can fit them in 🙂


      • EleniRPG
        14 March 2015 @ 1542

        There isn’t really a hook to put another tree on that doesn’t make it seem unbalanced. Besides, anything I add means something else I have to take away–I could really use a cap increase of 50. But I’ll keep playing with it, as always. Thanks, though 🙂


    • EleniRPG
      14 March 2015 @ 1544

      When I first posted this comment, I had two pictures, but now I only see the second one. Am I just having a display glitch, or did one of the pictures get eaten?


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