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Umbara Mobile Base

To purchase the Umbara Mobile Base, you must run Crisis on Umbara to earn 60 Alliance Recon Data. Purchase the Invitation: Trader’s Quarters from the Recovered Goods Vendor in the Alliance Supply Area on Odessen for the Alliance Recon Data and an additional 10,000 Credits. To earn enough Alliance Recon Data, you must run the flashpoint (including bonus boss) several times. NOTE: There is a 50-token cap per week and this only gives you access to the Trader’s Quarters (Alliance Staging Area, Odessen) where you can purchase the stronghold.

  • Story: 10
  • Veteran: 6
  • Master: 3

Umbara Themed Decorations


  1. Dazedandconfused
    29 August 2017 @ 0829

    So a direct copy of the train from the fp… And like zero dev time…. Great.

    Can’t add this stronghold without deactivating one that is already decorated (max of six apparently)

    So, zero community management time too (thanks for the patch notes and or announcements of the change guys)
    As this is a change to prior stronghold additions… You really should’a said something.
    Also… Because we had to grind to even get to the console that says ‘too bad – too many already.’
    ?? well done…


    • Vicious
      29 August 2017 @ 1112



  2. Theho
    29 August 2017 @ 0916

    Do you know at what position in the stronghold window it shows up? Is it on first or second page, and if it is on first page, which strongholds does it push to the second page?
    Without Umbara, the order is Coruscant, Tatooine, Yavin 4, Manaan, Dromund Kaas, Nar Shaddaa.


    • anoneemoose
      29 August 2017 @ 0949

      Umbara is the first for me.


    • Exiled Messenger
      29 August 2017 @ 1105

      It’s after Coruscant for me. Kaas City and Nar Shaddaa are on the second page. i dropped Tatooine to pick this up.


  3. Vicious
    29 August 2017 @ 1108

    Finally a place to put all those useless centerpiece decos.


  4. Havik79
    29 August 2017 @ 1624

    LOL some wrong info there, 2550 to unlock the first part, than 100 cartel for the each of the other 2, if only.


  5. He Engelund
    9 October 2017 @ 1832

    Once again they filled rooms that have space for many large hooks with mediums on the sides, leaving amazing amounts of empty space in between. I’m a deco maniac but the last two SHs have left me entirely unimpressed. I doubt that I’ll bother getting this one.


  6. luiza
    16 October 2017 @ 0958

    I do love it. It’ so different from the other ones!


  7. Iris
    24 February 2020 @ 1538

    Does anyone know the new costs now that Alliance Recon Data is defunct?


  8. Kaev
    24 February 2020 @ 2008

    Instead of 60 ARD, it’s just over 3 million credits to get access to the terminal to purchase the stronghold. Can’t remember precise, but I don’t think it was too far past 3 million. After you get access to the Trader’s Quarters, the rest of the prices are still the same – it’s still 5k for the base unlock, then 1 mil for the centre and 1.2 mil for the front cars.


  9. Iris
    25 February 2020 @ 2024

    Thank you! I didn’t want to drop millions just find out all of the other prices had increased.


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