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Cartel Market

Click on the images below to go to a specific post for each item with more information or to view a YouTube video (emotes and toys). For more information, please see:

  • SWTOR Cartel to see when the items are available on the Cartel Market
  • Dulfy’s Cartel Market Packs or a full listing of all items (without screen shots).


  1. Arby
    21 August 2014 @ 0850

    Anyone else noticing a LOT of these deco’s look like they were taken right out of SWG?


    • BrianDavion
      23 August 2014 @ 1940

      proably something to do with them both being based on ya know… a movie 😛


    • IO10
      16 September 2014 @ 0653

      Nearly all of them are taken out auf SWTOR.

      Just look arround and you’ll see them while questing.


      • Vicious
        18 September 2014 @ 2204

        He said SWG, not SWTOR…


        • IO10
          20 September 2014 @ 1631

          I know what he said.

          But the decorations are copies of what you see when you play the game, in flashpoints, on planets, …

          If there is anything taken out of SWG, then the 3D items of SWTORs level design.


          • Vicious
            20 September 2014 @ 1836

            No idea what the hell you’re on about mate.

    • Heist 101
      16 September 2014 @ 2150

      Yes except I’m still waiting for my jarjar frozen in carbonite. I really hope that is given to us somehow ..I would pay CC directly for it


    • Zod
      4 December 2014 @ 1612

      No! F*** U!!


  2. kasd
    15 September 2014 @ 1953

    more likely that they are just reusing old ideas that are proven popular


  3. christine0984
    16 September 2014 @ 0810

    Statue of Revan? I want!! NOW!!


  4. simi
    16 September 2014 @ 0941

    A little irked that they are putting prefab items in the packs… networked orange lights and mmedical cosoled can be bought from the robot droids… 🙁


  5. Simi
    30 September 2014 @ 1722

    Definitly liking the Seneschals pack, dangit Bioware now I’ll have to buy a crate…


    • Simi
      14 October 2014 @ 1849

      Or nit, they raised the price on this pack, boooo


  6. ggetaclue
    4 October 2014 @ 2129

    The thing that pisses me off is the total glut of crap decorations and the complete dearth of good ones. Why don’t they put ALL decorations into decoration packs that you can just buy? Decorating the SH by lotto sucks. As it is I’m disgusted with the NPC limit and holo figures ( I just said fuck it and took all my companions out) at least they can make some decent decorations available as standard. Also I wish to hell they’d put individual decorations up of CC, breaking up their “packs” so you can just buy each thing individually.


    • David Lister
      13 October 2014 @ 1254

      Actually, there’s quite a few things that you can buy for CC’s directly. Not everything, of course, (I wouldn’t hold your breath on that one), but I’ve managed to pick up a good number of decorations direct. For the other stuff, I just use the GTN, that’s what it’s for after all and one of the few things that I do have to give them: almost everything can be found on the GTN including unlocks, character perks, etc, etc, etc…


  7. Kodar
    17 October 2014 @ 2327

    I enjoy having a site to go to for not only stronghold furnishings but every other in the game!


  8. ggetaclue
    24 October 2014 @ 1943

    Bah! I thought the blue-green hexagonal rug was to be included in the Architect’s pack. boo hoo


  9. Darth Fain
    28 October 2014 @ 0132

    You guys are missing the Halloween Decorations that were launched today


    • Exiled Messenger
      28 October 2014 @ 0914

      I just need to update this page so stuff sold directly on the Market shows up.


  10. ggetaclue
    6 November 2014 @ 2316

    anyone get a slot machine out of the architecht’s pack?


  11. swtor420
    7 November 2014 @ 1651

    Can we get the “Slot Machine: Kingpin’s Mark” removed form this list since it isn’t in the packs….. false information sucks.


  12. Darth Fain
    4 December 2014 @ 1613

    Are those 8 really the only decors on the Pilgrim Pack?


  13. Saito
    11 November 2015 @ 0743

    To the devs of this site: Can you try to build a list of the decorations you can obtain from the Bronze, Silver and Gold Decorations packs? I think a lot of players might find that info really useful.


    • Exiled Messenger
      11 November 2015 @ 0758

      I can add it to the list of things I still need to accomplish, but it could take a long while to get to it.


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