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TOR Decorating


  1. EleniRPG
    6 October 2015 @ 0034

    The Yavin IV stronghold was challenging but fun to decorate. The hook placement was often frustrating, e.g., why so many centerpieces? I do not want centerpieces everywhere and the centerpiece alternatives are not very flexible. But the area design is beautiful, and I did my best to turn it into a warm, inviting Jedi temple where you can imagine Padawans coming to study and train (with recreational areas for relaxing, of course). Now I just need some more Padawan and Jedi personnel options.

    The stronghold is huge–too big to fit into one post (and I figure most people don’t want to click through multiple posts). Visit me on The Harbinger if you find yourself in the area 🙂


  2. ForceIsStrong
    6 October 2015 @ 0614

    Awesome Job!


  3. Kero
    6 October 2015 @ 1413



  4. EleniRPG
    4 February 2017 @ 1722

    Check out my new and improved (1/27/17) version here:


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