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  1. EleniRPG
    28 May 2016 @ 1953

    I didn’t see a “Kitchen” theme label on the list, but if you could add it to mine, that would be great 🙂

    Now that we have the Underworld Cooking Stove, I experimented with making a full kitchen in the room adjacent to my dining room. The decorations are still limited enough that I had to get creative–using the Sandbag Barricade as bags of flour/rice, the Yavin Fountain as a sink, doing my best with the hooks to get the meat from the Tribal Campfire cooking over the Industrial Fire Pit, etc. But it’s fun to play around with!


    • Shock
      29 May 2016 @ 0645

      The kitchen and the dining room are my favorites. The little desk looks for me a little lost in the mid. Maybe its not possible because the hook arangment.

      Did you already tried the zakuulan “Oval Zakuulan Table”, but maybe its too big or the style is too different. Or just make a bigger desk with 2 little desks, if you like.


      • EleniRPG
        29 May 2016 @ 1615

        Thanks. Yeah, it’s supposed to be an “island” counter, and I like the Merchant’s Work Table as a counter because it’s solid, has a good amount of empty space, and has bottles and what I can imagine are clipped out recipes or a shopping list sitting on it. But they only go on Medium hooks (which is ridiculous because they are the exact same size as the Bounty Table which goes on a Medium Narrow), so the only way I could get two together is by sacrificing the second table along the wall (i.e., switching to 4 medium block hooks instead of medium and medium narrow mix), which I think would make the wall look too empty. I could try two of the Basic Civilian Tables together there in the middle, or the Oval Zakuulan Table is also a good suggestion. I was trying to match the styles as much as possible, but I think that may already be a lost cause just by the nature of this kitchen, haha. I think the Oval table is also very bright with bloom turned on, but maybe that works. I may play around with it more. Thanks for the input!


        • Shock
          30 May 2016 @ 0331

          Yes, i stucked with that cute table too, its supposed for a kitchen theme. I just wanted to test out the table with bloom and the decoration lust overwhelmed me. Thank you. 😛


  2. Jason
    31 May 2016 @ 1958

    Jedi know how to live it up..


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