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Manaan Retreat

  • diggidug

    That’s it?

    : /

    • Disqus this

      Thats it. Bioware at their best. A half-assed stronghold that costs as much as other ones with poor hook layout.

      What a waste.

      • 平賀才人

        Its actually less expensive than Yavin. Takes you about 8.5mil to fully unlock so its not that bad.

  • Havik79

    So the Sanctuary are the same size but one has 4 centrepiece hooks, the other 3?, or is that a typo, I thought the video had 1 inside and 3 outside for both.

    • Exiled Messenger

      I walked around those windows three times and only saw two outside of the south side.

      • There are three centerpiece hooks though outside of the south side. I manage to place a total of six Centerpiece decos underwater, three on each side. Remember, asymmetrical is a recurring theme for this stronghold… 😉

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