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How to Place Decorations

Hook Editor

To access hooks, click on the “Edit Mode” on the Strongholds Toolbar.

Strongholds Toolbar

Right click on the hook and the “Decorations” tab will show available decorations that fit on the hook. You can sort the items, but there is not a search function.

Decorations Tab'

Hooks are color coded by size. All hooks are square except Floor Medium Narrow and Wall Large. Hooks of the same size share the same dimensions or area.

Click on the links to see decorations that fit on the indicated sizes.


  1. DogEyedBoy
    30 July 2014 @ 2210

    Do you know anything about the “Massive Structure” (think that’s what it’s called) hook? None of the current Strongholds have this hook that I can see, but I saw two decorations that use it; Corellia/Coruscant (forget which one) Skyscraper and Unfinished Colossus. It doesn’t say where they come from and the tiny preview window doesn’t really help, but they look absolutely huge – the Unfinished Colossus seems to be the one from Dromund Kaas.


    • Exiled Messenger
      30 July 2014 @ 2222

      No, I’ve seen it listed, but haven’t been able to figure out where it’s hiding. I even had a separate page listed for it here, but deleted it until I am sure it exists.


    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard
      17 February 2015 @ 1543

      Where did you see those two decorations? I’ve never seen them online or in-game. They’re not on

      The new Yavin Combat Arena goes on either Massive Structure or Starship, indicating the MS hook is really a thing.


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