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Yavin 4 Temple

Timestamps for each room

  • Temple Room 1 – 1:26
  • Temple Room 2 – 2:07
  • Lower Staircase – 3:19
  • Basement – 3:57
  • Upper Staircase – 5:15
  • Temple Balcony – 5:41
  • Temple Grounds – 6:27
  • Forgotten Cavern – 9:34
  • Sanctuary 1 – 13:27
  • Sanctuary 2- 15:07
  • Watchtower – 15:49

  • King Thane

    here to hoping cc total cost is 4,635cc(cause that is how much I have on me :D)

    • Soltanus

      If it keeps the same ratio as Tatooine it should come out to around 13850 cartel coins for total upgrade. So pretty much $100 dollars if you upgrade via coins and have to buy them all.

      • Kiri


  • Kiri

    I’m veeeeeery tempted to buy this with credits. The sanctuaries could probably serve as great Dark Council chambers

  • Sisqi

    Wow, it’s big!

  • Dr. Mike Wendell

    Are there any hooks in the cavern?

    • Exiled Messenger

      There are a couple in the middle portion, but none in the tunnels.

  • Skyward

    Cool Stronghold, but way too expensive for me.

  • Augusstuss

    Good job posting it, very thorough!

    • Exiled Messenger

      Thank you. I’m pretty sure I haven’t managed to get anything else done today.

      • Sisqi

        I like the white floorplans as well. Makes it a bit of a clearer picture. How did you manage that?

        • Exiled Messenger

          Convert it to black and white in Photoshop, then invert the colors. Drag it onto an A4-sized canvas and resize it.

  • Bruno Schram

    Little intel : just go to the watch tower and use your macroscope for hidden codex entries

  • Karl Jones

    I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed your video, I’ve been thinking about getting the Yavin 4 stronghold for a few weeks now and after watching your clip my mind was defo made up. The only thing is I got lost in the Dromund Kass apartment, so Ive no chance here. I would need quick travel points in my temple. Again brilliant video.

  • Melody

    You need to recount your max Occupancy. You have 50 as the max but from what I see I count 60. And our guild is one room away from having everything unlocked and our max is 55.

  • Question about room unlocks

    If i abandon a stronghold (lets say Dromund Kaas) and buy Yavin, and sometime later decide to switch back to Dromund Kaas, will the room unlocks be preserved? (i purchased with credits, not with cartel coins)

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