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Crafting Prefabs / Dark Project / War Supplies

Last Update: 5.9.2 on 6 Jul 18. You trade crafted prefabs to the Fabricator Droid Vendors (located in the Strongholds & Crew Skills section of the fleet) for decorations. You can also place Fabricator Droids in your Stronghold. Prefabs are not bound. Neither are the decorations you can purchase.

To be able to craft all items, you must have leveled Biochem, Artifice, or Synthweaving, and Armormech or Armstech or Cybertech.

Where to Find Crafting Mats

Industrial Prefabs

Please see this page for available decorations.

Each decoration costs one Industrial Prefab Kit MK-1, 2, or 3.

Industrial Prefab Kits (Armormech/Cybertech)

MK-1Requires: 150; Grade 2/3 mats; 4 min 15 secMK-2Requires: 300; Grade 4/5 mats; 8 min 30 secMK-3Requires: 450; Grade 6/9 mats; 12 min 45 secMK-4Requires 500; Grade 9/10 mats; 6 min 5 sec
Number of MatsItemNumber of MatsItemNumber of MatsItemNumber of MatsItem
5Mullinine5Titanium5Ciridium1Madilon Ingot
1Alusteel1Neuranium1Mandalorian Iron5Vandinite
1Krayt Dragon Scales1Promethium1Beryllius1Zakuulan Durasteel

Industrial Prefab Kits (Armstech)

MK-1Requires: 150; Grade 2/3 mats; 4 min 15 secMK-2Requires: 300; Grade 4/5 mats; 8 min 30 secMK-3Requires: 450; Grade 6/9 mats; 12 min 45 secMK-4Requires 500; Grade 9/10 mats; 6 min 5 sec
Number of MatsItemNumber of MatsItemNumber of MatsItemNumber of MatsItem
5Plastifiber5Phrik5Dallorian Alloy1Ferrocarbon
5Flexiglass5Plexoid5Reinforced Transparisteel5Glasteel


  1. Arby
    28 July 2014 @ 0336

    omfg. Another thing for greedy crafters to overprice and screw normal players out of being able to get. Nice.


    • p4v7
      28 July 2014 @ 0612

      No one forbids you to run the crew skills 😉 Most of crafting materials had no use, so it’s good that finally the crafters get some love.


      • Marc Fleury
        21 August 2014 @ 1239

        Agreed…I found I had over collected so many Lvl 1 to Lvl 5 Materials that I rarely used…nice to get some use out of them now.


    • Hexane
      28 July 2014 @ 0942

      Really? You really need to play more Tetris, it’s the linear game you may have been searching for.


    • Chakra Kusanagi
      30 July 2014 @ 0837

      Or, you could just learn to craft for yourself you know…

      It takes pretty much no effort at all.
      And since ALL crafters can do pretty much all of these things, the prices won’t be “overpriced”.


    • BrianDavion
      1 August 2014 @ 0238

      crafters have been screwed since F2P Arby.


    • Nexktoply
      1 August 2014 @ 1442

      Oh, and what’s stopping you crafting it by yourself?


      • Arby
        19 August 2014 @ 1135

        Probably lack of desire. Yeah, that’s it.


  2. Jaster
    28 July 2014 @ 0930

    Any details on what crafting levels are required for each kit?


    • Exiled Messenger
      28 July 2014 @ 1052

      I updated the guide with this info.


  3. menase
    28 July 2014 @ 1739

    Any idea what cost of the schematics etc. from the fabricator droid are? Are they nominal costs, expensive, commendations etc? A Heads up could help with planning. 😀


    • Exiled Messenger
      28 July 2014 @ 1742

      The Fabcricator Droids don’t sell schematics, you get those from the crafting trainers. You make craft Prefabs and trade those to the Fabricator Droids for decorations. Give me a few minutes and I’ll update the guide with trainer recipe costs.


      • menase
        28 July 2014 @ 1828

        Cool that’s cheap as then, thanks.


  4. aswlp
    29 July 2014 @ 0547

    So we have to mission-farm purple mats… and have no use for the blue ones we get when the mission doesn’t have a critical.


    Awful. This will flood the game with the unneeded materials from those missions.


    • Chakra Kusanagi
      30 July 2014 @ 0838

      What? Plenty of blue ones being used here.


    • Jason Hightower
      30 July 2014 @ 1346

      Umm…..what? Every schematic uses the purple AND blue from each level 2-9.


      • Nexktoply
        1 August 2014 @ 1444

        When you send your companions to get purple mats, the ratio purple:blue isn’t 1:5. You get much more of the blue ones.


        • BrianDavion
          18 August 2014 @ 1517

          this is pretty normal to crafting


  5. Hache-Moncour
    31 July 2014 @ 1342

    In an attempt to clear up the way these things interact for myself, I’ve made a chart that visualizes the steps leading to a Universal or Dark Projects pack. Perhaps it’s useful to other people here too.

    Feel free to use on the site if you feel it’s useful.


  6. Brian
    5 August 2014 @ 2136

    ??? All Fabricator Design kits use fabric regardless of crafter specialty?


  7. Hache-Moncour
    6 August 2014 @ 0839

    What’s the crafting time of the missions like? I assume the MK-1s are faster than the MK-3s (maybe not for war supplies), but is there a difference between the various MK-3 missions too, or are they all the same duration?


    • Exiled Messenger
      6 August 2014 @ 0912

      I can add that. Give me a minute.


      • Hache-Moncour
        6 August 2014 @ 0946

        Nice, thanks! The prefab kits are much faster to craft than I expected, I suppose the war supplies missions are relatively slow to limit the number of kits people can throw at a conquest all at once.


        • Exiled Messenger
          6 August 2014 @ 0947

          No problem. Just double-check my math. 🙂


  8. Daekar
    8 August 2014 @ 0148

    Man, they really bet the farm on people caring enough to bother with all this… looks like a massive money sink to me.


  9. Benfynyn
    11 August 2014 @ 1157


  10. ManDingoCC6901
    14 August 2014 @ 1335

    So for the war supplies, can you build one by choosing which of the three grades of materials you want to use with the lesser grades requiring more materials, or do you need that number of materials from each grade, just to build one war supply?


    • Exiled Messenger
      14 August 2014 @ 1339

      I’m not exactly sure what you are asking here. To build a single War Supplies, it takes all of the mats in a single table above. Where it says “or” is where you can substitute different materials to be able to create the same thing.

      To create the War Supplies: Invasion Force requires all of the other War Supplies, no matter which level materials were used to create them.


      • ManDingoCC6901
        14 August 2014 @ 1410

        Totally missed the “or” … Thanks!!!


  11. Darth Cocoabeans
    23 August 2014 @ 0231

    Thanks for the chart.


  12. Xariann
    23 August 2014 @ 0612

    I tried crafting a War Supply (Armored Vehicles) but the War Supplies assignment didn’t update. Do I have to turn it in somewhere?


  13. LeJarC
    26 August 2014 @ 1235

    Hey girl,

    first of all thanks for the great work. A small error has crept in though 🙂 unavoidable almost with the amount of work you and your team are doing.

    Fabricator Crystal MK-3 (Artifice/Cybertech)

    It should be 5 Blue Polychromic Crystalss and 1 Subelectronic Data Module, somehow the # o req mats got interchanged.



    • Exiled Messenger
      26 August 2014 @ 1242

      Thanks, it’s fixed now.


  14. Terry Holland
    3 September 2014 @ 0936

    Big ty for this one. Is the Shimmersilk grade 2 or Grade 1 item ? Since it says (16) and at UT list 1st grade is 10-16 and in Torhead it’s said to be grade 2 item.

    Friendly regards: Terry


    • Exiled Messenger
      3 September 2014 @ 0953

      I would go with Torhead on that one because Ask Mr Robot doesn’t list the actual item grade. I’m thinking of changing all the links to Torhead because of this, but I haven’t yet gotten the energy to do it since it will take a bit of time.


      • Terry Holland
        10 October 2014 @ 2107

        Good to know big thanks for the assist 🙂 Wish u good relaxing weekend 🙂


  15. Kylmc
    14 September 2014 @ 2301

    Are Molecular Stabilizers good for anything now?


  16. Sadriel_Fett
    30 September 2014 @ 1749

    Thanks for this page, Dulfy. I hadn’t realized before that the Synthetic Prefabs (Synthweaving) were using the exact same materials as my Industrial Prefabs (Armormech/ Cybertech). That explains a lot. I finally got around to having some other toons craft quite a bit of the Mk-1’s and 2’s the other day and noticed that I kept having to purchase a lot of the same materials. Guess I’ll have my Artifice and Biochem guys make my Synthetic prefabs from now on.


    • Exiled Messenger
      30 September 2014 @ 1750

      *Exile, not Dulfy. 🙂
      You’re welcome.


  17. Igor_SH
    7 October 2014 @ 1206

    Yet another simple iconographics.

    Dark Project Mk-1 crafting:


  18. Astyra
    1 November 2014 @ 2031

    Okay, have I never considered myself a crafter, and reading this page didn’t make much sense to me, considering I haven’t used my Artifice and Archaeology crew skills since level 13-ish. Now that I own a stronghold and would like a few Synthetic and Universal prefabs, what should I do to get started?


  19. KaraIblis
    17 January 2015 @ 1634

    Since it’s back to being Synthetic Energy Matrix needed for the Dark Projects since patch 3.0 is there a map of where all of the chests are in EC to get these?


  20. IceColdFrost
    27 January 2015 @ 1736

    Is there any way a noob crafter like me ( i didnt understand most of the stuff above) can buy prefabs?


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