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Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught


  • Kirillus

    Maybe a stupid question but how are the “living quarters” distributed? Can you assign franeworks to specific toons?

    And what the hell is a “Logistics Framework” exactly?

    • Exiled Messenger

      The Frameworks are currency to purchase the expansions. Each deck requires a different type: Logistics, Command, or Engineering. You can trade 50 x Encryptions for the Frameworks at the Flagship Commissioner (vendor) in the Strongholds and Crew Skills section of Fleet.

      You can get the Encryptions from Planetary Conquests or by trading 1 x Dark Project MK-1s to that same vendor.

      As far as I know, you can’t assign specific rooms to characters. I didn’t get to see the Guild Stronghold interface, so I could be wrong.

      • Kirillus


  • yellow-power ftw

    54 Frameworks = 2700 Dark Project MK-1
    I know how to craft projects, but how to craft frameworks? its only a guild leader ability??

    • Vodorlo

      You exchange Dark Projects for Encryptions (1:1 ratio) and you can trade those for the Frameworks (50:1 ratio)

  • Gidrea Lightsky

    Is there anywhere on the Flagship that has a Centerpiece hook?

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