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Tatooine Homestead



  1. freelancer
    27 July 2014 @ 1229

    so will you tell us how mutch it wil cost if we want to buy it for a guild ?


  2. Settesh
    30 July 2014 @ 0758

    Me and my guild bought Tatooine last night

    2.5mil for Stronghold all other rooms were 1mil each I believe

    so 9.5 mil for the lot

    didn’t notice Max Occ and Max Deco


  3. Triple Zero
    31 July 2014 @ 0951

    Very nice work here Exile. Only recommendation I would make is to change cost label on Balcony and Elevator/Entry room from (free) to (included with purchase) or something else that indicates they come with the 2.5 million credits that gets you access to Tatooine stronghold.


  4. strghld
    19 August 2014 @ 0523

    I think this one is a fail.

    Rooms are under ground, you have this tunnel to reach, outside you can barely place nothing. Rooms are tiny!


  5. Arby
    21 August 2014 @ 0937

    Friggin’s RPer’s paradise if you ask me.


  6. ggetaclue
    2 October 2014 @ 0049

    Cliffside rooms unlock 50 hooks each, not 25 each. Curiously the more expensive small rooms cost more and provide 25 hooks each. Weird.


  7. Tim
    11 October 2014 @ 0539

    Additional info and corrections:
    Initial purchase should be 200 Max Decorations
    Docking bay should be +100 Max Decorations (not +50)
    Total should be 500 Max Decorations (not +200)


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