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Tatooine Homestead

  • freelancer

    so will you tell us how mutch it wil cost if we want to buy it for a guild ?

  • Settesh

    Me and my guild bought Tatooine last night

    2.5mil for Stronghold all other rooms were 1mil each I believe

    so 9.5 mil for the lot

    didn’t notice Max Occ and Max Deco

  • Triple Zero

    Very nice work here Exile. Only recommendation I would make is to change cost label on Balcony and Elevator/Entry room from (free) to (included with purchase) or something else that indicates they come with the 2.5 million credits that gets you access to Tatooine stronghold.

  • strghld

    I think this one is a fail.

    Rooms are under ground, you have this tunnel to reach, outside you can barely place nothing. Rooms are tiny!

  • Arby

    Friggin’s RPer’s paradise if you ask me.

  • ggetaclue

    Cliffside rooms unlock 50 hooks each, not 25 each. Curiously the more expensive small rooms cost more and provide 25 hooks each. Weird.

  • Tim

    Additional info and corrections:
    Initial purchase should be 200 Max Decorations
    Docking bay should be +100 Max Decorations (not +50)
    Total should be 500 Max Decorations (not +200)

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