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TOR Decorating


  1. Sindariel
    12 October 2014 @ 2040

    Beautiful. Those “autumn” colors fit very well together. I just wish those freaking trees weren’t so expensive. 🙁


    • EleniRPG
      17 October 2014 @ 2206

      I’ve been checking the GTN somewhat obsessively since Strongholds came out, so I found a few at good prices, but yeah, they add up. I try not to think about how much I’ve spent on my strongholds 😉


  2. Terry Holland
    15 December 2014 @ 0835

    Wiuh..definitely best looking Coruscant terrace / balcony design that seen 🙂 Shame that Eaware not giving us day & night cycle even for Strongholds as can imagine temple lightpost’s looking great in night-time. Very nice design and these colors are great.


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