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Interesting Decorations Not Yet Available for Strongholds

I’ve been leveling some characters on a US server and have been saving pics of interesting decorations that aren’t available for Strongholds as I go. Feel free to grab a screenshot of ones you like and post them in the comments and I’ll add them to this page. Make sure you indicate where you can find it in-game.


Glarus Valley

Alderaan Glarus Valley 3

Alderaan Kamos Territory 2

Sendoth Ruins

Alderaan Sendoth Ruins


Balmorran Arms Factory

Balmorra Balmorran Arms Factory

Gorinth Imperial Outpost

Balmorra Gorinth Imperial Outpost


Axial Park

Coreallia Axial park 2 Coreallia Axial parkCorellia Axial Park

Battlefield Shipyards

Corellia SignBlastfield Shipyards

Gilded Descent Casino

Coreallia Gilded Descent Casino

Government District

Coreallia Government District BannerCoreallia Government District Banner 2Coreallia Government District Banner 3Coreallia Government District Statue

Military History Museum

Corellia Military History Museum

Rusty Freighter Cantina

Corellia Risty Freighter Cantina


Corellia Spaceport


Senate Plaza

Coruscant Banner

Dromund Kaas

Dark Temple

Dromund Kaas Dark Temple

Dromund Kaas Lights

Intelligence Archives

Dromund Kaas Intelligence Archives


Dromund Kaas Spaceport

The Esseles

2016-10-30_10-47-502016-10-30_10-45-25 2016-10-30_10-46-00 2016-10-30_10-46-49 2016-10-30_10-47-26  2016-10-30_10-49-48 2016-10-30_10-50-07 2016-10-30_10-50-51 2016-10-30_10-51-25

Imperial Fleet

Imperial Fleet 2Imperial FleetImperial Fleet Power Capacitor


Nar Shaddaa

Corellian Sector

Nar Shaddaa Corellian Sector

Duros Sector

Nar Shaddaa Duros Sector

High Profile Ward

Nar Shaddaa High Profile WardNar Shaddaa High Profile Ward 2


Solida Hesk Estate

Makeb Solida Hesk Estate 2Makeb Solida Hesk Estate Tree

Westwater Settlements

Makeb Westwater Settlements 3Makeb Westwater Settlements 2Makeb Westwater Settlements





Oricon Watchtower




Rakata Prime

Rakata Prime 2

Rakata Prime


Rishi Bar Rishi Desk

Battle of Rishi

Battle of Rishi

Blaster’s Path Cantina

Rishi Blaster's Path CantinaRishi Blaster's Path Cantina 2

Blood Hunt

Rishi Blood Hunt 2

Scum and Villainy

Suggested by: Zaphix

Tree Oasis



Taris Spaceport



Tatooine Banner Tatooine Rug


Tatooine Jundland 3

The Star Cabal

The Star CabalThe Star Cabal 2


Ruined Acropolis

Tython Ruined Acropolis


Voss Tent


Voss-Ka Cantina Lamp 2


Kaliyo’s Apartment

2016-08-15_11-50-37 2016-08-15_11-50-55 2016-08-15_11-51-17


2016-08-15_11-54-302016-08-15_11-57-002016-08-15_11-56-082016-08-15_11-59-132016-08-15_11-58-37 2016-08-15_11-59-362016-08-15_12-01-102016-08-15_12-00-10

2016-08-15_12-00-452016-08-15_12-04-292016-08-15_12-08-19 2016-08-15_12-08-352016-08-15_12-09-56


Training DummyCarpet



  1. Freedon Nadd
    22 June 2015 @ 0408

    I really asked myself while leveling: Who do the banner on the star
    cabal stand for? I seem to recognize some alderaanian, a mandalorian,
    czerka. what about the rest?


    • Sisqi
      1 October 2015 @ 0202

      Aren’t they the houses of Alderaan? Okay, not all of them. First picture: House Ulgo, unknown to me, unknown to me, House Organa, Mandelorian Flag. Second picture: looks like a Voss flag, House Rist, Corellia Council, House Alde and one unknown to me. I could be wrong though.


      • Exiled Messenger
        1 October 2015 @ 0808

        It’s a mix of different banners from across the game. The actual location also has banners of the Galactic Republic and Sith Empire hanging on the wall in the back, but I didn’t inlclude them since we already have those banners.

        1. House Ulgo (already have)
        2. I’ve seen this in both Tatooine space ports
        3. House Panteer
        4. House Organa
        5. Mandalorian
        6. Tusken Raiders (small orange one)
        7. Voss
        8. House Rist (aldready have)
        9. Corellia
        10. House Alde (already have)
        11. Ord Mantell separatists


        • Sisqi
          1 October 2015 @ 1206

          Ah, thanks. Yes, some nice flags their to have as decorations.


  2. Nyethux
    24 June 2015 @ 1131

    I’m gonna post two decorations I’ve been wanting since Day 1. Both can be seen throughout the game on many different places and planets. One is the training dummy you can have in your ship, it can also be seen on Korriban (Tomb of Ajunta Pall, Sith Inquisitor Phase; here’s where I took the screenshot) and on Tython (Jedi Temple). The other is what NPC’s use to torture, I took the screenshots from Overseer Harkun’s chamber (Sith Inquisitor Phase) but I’m sure there are plenty of other places it can be found. If you are making an imperial themed stronghold, the torture thing is absolutely necessary…


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 June 2015 @ 2055

      Nice, I’ll add these when I get home next week.


      • Gguy
        18 January 2017 @ 0853

        i would love a training dummy that i can actually attack =P


  3. EleniRPG
    24 June 2015 @ 1843

    This list is great! A bunch of things that I’ve been hoping will show up in the Cartel packs.

    So the lighting is terrible, but here are a couple decos I like from Rishi. One is a bar from the cantina that actually looks Voss-made, but it’s very pretty. The other is a desk in a house from the Jedi Knight quest. There may be similar decos elsewhere that are better lit. Oh well.


    • EleniRPG
      24 June 2015 @ 1844

      Second pic looks even darker on the website than on my computer. Sorry!


    • Exiled Messenger
      24 June 2015 @ 2056

      I’ll see if I can lighten them a bit and add them to the post when I get home next week.


      • Unoshi
        7 April 2016 @ 1313

        the second picture on top can be removed now since it made it in the game as of now:)


  4. Benstark
    25 July 2015 @ 1319

    pieced together carpet


  5. Benstark
    25 July 2015 @ 1319

    Dromund Kaas lights wall and floor mounted


  6. Benstark
    25 July 2015 @ 1320

    power capacitor on Fleet


  7. Benstark
    25 July 2015 @ 1320

    table with lamp


  8. Benstark
    25 July 2015 @ 1320

    tent structure on Voss


  9. Zaphix
    30 September 2015 @ 0031

    Tree Oasis in Scum and Villiany


  10. Sisqi
    1 October 2015 @ 2332

    Taris Spaceport:


  11. Eckee
    13 March 2016 @ 0331

    DK – near gtn


  12. Patience Blissy
    1 March 2020 @ 0140

    A whole bunch of these decorations have been release in one from or another… Any chance for an update?


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