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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace



  1. Paul Voreland
    28 July 2014 @ 2242

    Missing main room 2.25 mil


    • Haruss
      30 July 2014 @ 2308

      Thus incorrect totals, should be 10.5 million or 11750 CC


    • Chris Maxwell
      9 August 2014 @ 0912

      And max decorations are 290 when I add them up…


  2. Matthew Cox
    31 July 2014 @ 0819

    Wow… those CC prices are out of control.


  3. sedremier
    7 August 2014 @ 0911

    Too bad I can’t sell mine XD I just dislike NS and will settele on DK.
    Much prefer the gloomy athmosphere there. 🙂


  4. Arby
    21 August 2014 @ 0927

    How do you get to/from the landing pad? I see it… I can speeder bike jump to it off the shuttle, but I have to suicide off the landing pad to get to the stronghold again… am I missing something?


    • Dulfy
      21 August 2014 @ 1944

      It is not suppose to be accessible I think. It is just serve as pad for starships really.


      • Arby
        22 August 2014 @ 0406

        I didn’t realize until today that you could edit it from the shuttlepad of the stronghold, guess there’s no need to go over there after all. Thanks.


        • El
          3 March 2016 @ 0537

          been on it; so yes you can get there


    • Asinine17
      26 July 2015 @ 1741

      You can. Jump with a speeder from the top of the other speeder sitting on the edge, I believe. Friend and I did it a few times when she first got hers, so I know it’s possible.


  5. Sisqi
    22 August 2014 @ 1049

    Any chance we can get a Stronghold label name list as well? I’ve seen Sith Sanctuary, Jedi Temple, Vacation retreat and I’m sure there might be others as well.


    • Exiled Messenger
      22 August 2014 @ 1054

      Sure. Give me a couple of minutes.
      EDIT: It’s not complete, but this is what I’ve seen so far. I’m still working on the locations for some of them.


      • Sisqi
        22 August 2014 @ 1518



  6. Tim
    12 October 2014 @ 0831

    Updated info:
    Initial Purchase: Max Dec. = 125
    East Stairway: Max Dec. +25 (not +20)
    West Stairway: Max Dec. +25 (not +20)
    Main Room: Max Dec. +75 (not +25)
    Total: Max Dec. = 475 (not +290)


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