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Alliance Packs

  • Gropo

    They really need to revise the hook size of many new and some older decorations, they are becoming impossible to display properly. People aren’t going to want what they cannot use and EA is going to lose some of their precious income as a result.

    • RJ Cee

      Honestly they should just remove the entire hook system in general so people can place things wherever they please. This would also save them from a lot of work figuring out what hooks to set them up as. Of course, there wouldn’t be people complaining about being restricted to hooks anymore too.

  • Joel Kraus

    Still no information about the avenger pack? :/

    • Kaelin

      It’s a shame really. I want to know if I will want any stuff from new pack

    • Darth Fain

      Usually info hits about one week before the early access

  • What’s the manipulator pack? Is that something out already or is it coming whenever knights of the eternal throne is coming out?

  • David

    I was rather surprised to get one out of a grand chance cube the other day. I didn’t think the scavenger pack was out yet.

    • Exiled Messenger

      It’s not. BioWare messed up and added the Scavenger Pack items to the Grand Chance Cubes early.

  • Zanwell

    hype! sith tomb statue supply locker, holocron of despair and the other sith shit. finally some decent decos

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