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  1. EleniRPG
    27 January 2017 @ 1808

    I’m going to do a little contest, too, because I loved Shock’s (aka Silenya) idea 🙂 I’m on The Harbinger, so unfortunately you’ll have to be able to visit me here, and I can only give the prizes to characters on The Harbinger. Enter the contest by posting a comment here, along with the name of the character you would like the prize sent to if you win.

    Pet Count Contest:
    Count the number of pets in my Yavin 4 stronghold (pets = anything that can be summoned from the pet tab; if you aren’t sure if something is a pet, mouse over it to see its name and you can look it up). I’ll rank guesses by how close they are to the correct number, then by the order that the guesses were made, and the prizes are as follows:
    1st – Full set of Visas Marr’s armor
    2nd – First choice of Art: Kaas City, Approach to Oricon, or Underworld Casino decoration
    3rd – Second choice of the above list of Art

    Additionally, I have three more fun prizes (you could win more than one!):

    1. First person to find my Orokeet (post a screenshot or just write a good description of where you found it) wins a
    *Mysterious Egg* (it hatches into an Orosquab pet)

    2. First person to find my Paradise Flutterplume (post a screenshot or just write a good description of where you found it) wins a
    *Denovan Drouk* decoration

    3. First person to post a screenshot of themselves inside the Kolto tank with the Aim datacron wins
    *Light Datacron (Aim)* decoration (naturally)
    This last one is a small jumping puzzle, and unless you’re a Sage/Sorcerer, you’ll probably have to /stuck out, sorry 😉

    I plan to run this until Feb. 6 to allow for two weekends. I’m usually on for a good chunk of time over the weekends, but 6-10 pm on Saturdays and 7-9 pm on Sundays (PST, Harbinger server time), REPUBLIC* side should be a sure thing.
    *Note: The stronghold is public for both factions, but it is only displayed for the faction that I am currently signed in on. I am usually on Republic side.


    • Shock
      2 February 2017 @ 1208

      Will look for that! Need to find a cage for that Flutterplume..


  2. pwnznoobs
    28 January 2017 @ 2045

    id like to visit in person but ur sh isnt shown in the listings unless ur online. let me know if u can give me a tour in the next 24 hr 😀


    • EleniRPG
      29 January 2017 @ 1327

      Hey! Sorry I didn’t see your note yesterday. Let me know if any time today works for you.


      • pwnznoobs
        29 January 2017 @ 1418

        Any time today is fine just let me know when u plan on getting on and who u will playing and I’ll send u a tell ingame.


        • EleniRPG
          29 January 2017 @ 1725

          I’m in game right now, for the moment on Pub side character “Taieri”.


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