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  1. Rooks
    1 September 2014 @ 0719

    I like that you have a story for it and made it work pretty well. Too bad there are places like this and no way to fill them with life. 20 static NPC limit is just… sad, no? Imagine you could let your companions walk a path… or have a bunch of guards on walkers patrolling… or all the cool things that would make the strongholds not-feel like… well your spa seems to be a bit of a dead investment. 😛 no offense, I guess you understand what I mean.


    • Lasse David Sand Østergaard
      3 September 2014 @ 1430

      I agree – the limit is 25, though. 🙂
      Vendors, personnel, companions, pets, and animal mounts. But yeah. Even for my Dromund Kaas apartment I think the limit is way too low (and so is the 350 hook limit!)


      • Rooks
        9 September 2014 @ 0427

        I’m a bit sad. I am now at 100% of what I wanted to be my primary place (DK) and I have tons of blank walls, empty floor, void space and virtually no NPC there (a few companions from alts pose as holo in my stairways, though). *sigh*

        The hook limit and npc limit is actually very much a buzzkill for me. I was rather enthusiastic about decorating my place. Even thought about doing PvE just to get some decorations. Well… what for? My place isn’t even completed and I can’t place another rug… not even to mention multiple turrets or Koltotanks or anything really.

        Moving on to NS (already unlocked 9/9) feels wrong. I don’t like doing two things half-a*sed. And certainly not starting a second before finishing the first.


        • Hache-Moncour
          9 September 2014 @ 0809

          It’s doable to get a ‘filled’ feel to the DK appartment even with just 350 hooks, but you will have to be pretty picky about what you put in. Have a look at my place at

          But yeah, if they put an option on the cartel market to buy 50 or 100 extra hooks, I’d get those in a heartbeat, I was forced into a rather spartan style for some rooms by that limit.


          • Rooks
            9 September 2014 @ 0938

            Cool. But I don’t get the reasoning for them – performance, ok. But they could have made the strongholds half their size and keep the limit, it would still be better, imho.
            Stongholds and Housing is so much catering to the collectors, fiddlers, roleplayers… and then adding a limit that cuts the collecting off even before it started? You know, I haven’t even filled my place with the basic furniture, crates, beds, medstation, plants and lights. And it already is at the limit. I was going to solo as much as I can and even play another toon just to do the PvE thing from ground-up. And now I’m seriously… well… back to “grinding stuff and playing pvp”.

            I would have thought decorations drops would have been a nice incentive for players to venture into different places of the game. Obviously not.

          • Hache-Moncour
            9 September 2014 @ 1021

            I think they probably planned a much higher limit, constructed the houses, and only then found the engine couldn’t really handle it. So they would be forced to lower the limit, while the houses were already designed. Not sure ofcourse, but that would explain it. Hopefully they will find a way to increase the hook and npc limits later. I really wanted to fill the little plateau’s on my stairwell with Rakata Mind Traps, but no hooks left.

    • EleniRPG
      26 September 2014 @ 2026

      Yeah, the 25 NPC limit made me pretty sad. The first build on the PTS didn’t have the limit, and I had so many more pets and animal mounts…then the patch (partially) crushed that dream. I hate that the few people I have–Felusia as a receptionist, the “waitress” as a masseuse, a bartender, and two Twi’lek dancers–all subtract from the animals I can display. It’s such a large space that even with all the hooks filled, it feels empty. More NPCs, with a little movement, would help liven it up. I imagine a guild stronghold would be a bit better, if you could get people to hang out there.

      The spa was my last idea, trying to figure out what to do with that single underground room off of the large open courtyard. I put in the appearance modification station, so you can go there, get your hair styled or have a full makeover 😉


    • EleniRPG
      20 February 2015 @ 2200

      Hadn’t been back to this page in a while, but just noticed: It’s funny you should have called my spa a “dead investment,” when it won me 2400 cartel coins in the decorating contest 😛
      I guess I know what you meant, no offense taken 😉


  2. EleniRPG
    6 March 2015 @ 1941

    There have been LOTS of changes to strongholds since I posted this, including tons of new decorations as well as a tweaking of NPC limits. My Tatooine resort has evolved accordingly. Check out the new version here:


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