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Tatooine Homestead

Submitted by: Eleni – The Harbinger

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What resort experience would be complete without a relaxing session at the spa? Enjoy refreshments by the fountain while you consult with our personnel to find the perfect treatment for you. Is the galactic war weighing heavily on your shoulders? Our talented masseuse is ready to work out all your knots, as an expert in all the most popular massage techniques in the galaxy, with experience serving hundreds of the galaxy’s most prominent species. Looking to freshen your look with a new hairstyle, or perhaps surprise your friends with a more drastic change? Choose your new look with the appearance modification station, and our makeover specialists will have you looking the way you want in no time. Plus if you are in need of some deep reparative therapy, a sensory deprivation session in our luxury kolto tank will leave you fully renewed. Book an appointment with the concierge at Taiari’s Vacation Retreat, today!

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