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TOR Decorating


  1. Kero
    16 September 2015 @ 2146

    This is the BEST Stronghold I ever seen since they introduce Strongholds to the game.Every snap shot you took was amazing.And I usually don’t like people strongholds in game and on this website,so when I say this Stronghold is amazing it truly is!!!!

    Furthermore,I wasn’t a fan of Yavin 4 Stronghold but thanks a lot for also showing me the beauty with your amazing decoration theme.


  2. Kiri
    19 September 2015 @ 1756

    Very very nice. Third is the first Yavin stronghold that I’ve seen and truly liked.

    Excellent use of the bridge, and the general idea is A+ out of the box thinking.



  3. Unoshi
    24 October 2015 @ 1826

    that has been nicely done!!! props real nice


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