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  1. Rhajaion
    25 March 2015 @ 0329


  2. Kero
    25 March 2015 @ 0547

    I love your Stronghold Good work man


  3. Powerhead
    25 March 2015 @ 0739

    It’s really awesome stronghold! Great work!


  4. Unoshi
    26 March 2015 @ 1951

    Nicely done, Not everyday you see stronghold perfectly decorated without stuff that feel out of place or totally random. Good job


  5. Blub .
    29 March 2015 @ 1038

    Best use of Office Dividers I’ve ever seen. Everything looks like they’re done according to theme. Love the addition of both Republic and Empire troops and elements. Red lighting used perfectly to highlight sinister tones. Very very nice overall.


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