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Kaas City Apartment

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A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away…A Sith Lord attempted a Dark Side ritual to acquire the secrets of eternal life. However the experiment was a disaster and the Sith Lord disappeared mysteriously along with his whole estate and his followers. One night, several decades later, the young Aecila discovered a strange portal in her courtyard…

1. I entered the portal and found myself in a large, silent hall

2. A gigantic Skull engulfed in flames was at the center of the Banquet room.

3. Laboratory – This room’s walls and ceiling were covered in vines and moss. The vines seemed to stem from a large plant with a single crimson flower. I found a note on one of the computers: “4 days have passed since the accident and the plant 66 is growing amazingly fast. However my assistants have raised concerns regarding the lack of firepower of this new potential bio-weapon. Fools! Of course, you cannot compare my creation with regular Combat droids or Imperial troopers. After all, my plant 66 is able to heal to full and make its enemies pay. – Dr. Alric Muscny”

4. I had the unpleasant feeling of being watched, while crossing the corridor.

5. A Cemetry…Small strange creatures covered in a cloak were dancing among the tombstones. When I came closer, I noticed that they didn’t seem to have a face: only two glowing eyes were staring at me under their hoods. There was this inscription on one of the tombstones: “Here lies those who tried to steal the treasure of the Ravager, banished underground till the end of times”.

6. I wonder what horrors await me at the top of this stairs…

7. The Balcony…Several tall red monstruous beings were patrolling around a huge menacing statue.

8-9. The Council room…only two guards were there but they didn’t seem to pay attention to me.

10. A large artifact radiating with Dark side energy at the center of this hall. It…called me. I placed my hand over it and I heard a creeking noise: the three rooms at the back seemed to have unlocked.

11. Left room: two dead tuk’atas were lying on a table. A strange creature with an ovoid head was busy performing a ritual. It grabbed a long knife and started to incise the skin on the midline of the abdomen of one of the tuk’atas. Blood was flowing on the table and onto the floor.

12-13. The Carbonite prison. Several prisoners encased in carbonite were displayed on the walls. A terminal at the center of the room revealed some informations about their crimes: “Guilty of manufacturing and selling defectuous contraband slot machines on Nar Shaddaa”, “Sentenced to life imprisonment in carbonite for shipping erroneously Gladiatorial Nexus to the wrong customers”, “Guilty of repeated Arenas match-fixing and sentenced to torture and imprisonment in carbonite”

14-15. Bedroom. An exotic creature is trapped inside a force-field. Her hypnotic dance is making me very sleepy…

When I woke up, I was back inside my house in Kaas city… I told myself that these events were only a dream. But some nights I can still hear the mysterious sound of the Sith artifact calling me…

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