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  1. Silver
    23 July 2015 @ 1020

    Completely amazing! I was impressed by how much detail it had for less than 1 day of decorating. One of the best strongholds I’ve seen!


  2. Josh Cohen
    23 July 2015 @ 1218

    I agree with Silver; that you did all of this in 1 day is impressive. I got some good ideas from seeing your YouTube tour. A Spectacular Job all around.


  3. Kero
    23 July 2015 @ 1236

    I’m impress and is very hard to impress me on this website.Especially the fact that I hate the Yavin Stronghold.This only the stuff that BW has right now,can’t wait to see it grow when BW releases more decorations for you to use.


  4. Drool Bear
    23 July 2015 @ 1601

    Great job. Really impressed.


  5. Dulfy
    23 July 2015 @ 1907

    Very creative! 🙂


  6. Sisqi
    24 July 2015 @ 0306

    I love the Giska in the grass!


  7. Diogenes Castor
    26 July 2015 @ 0333

    Very well done. Monolithus Rex gave me a chuckle


  8. Julianah Kaizallow
    26 July 2015 @ 0754

    What a great concept! You did an amazing job. And I wonder who is going to try to make friends with the Monolith… 😉


    • Rhaj
      28 July 2015 @ 0343

      *SPOILER* The Sarlacc eats the Monolithus Rex at the end of the movie * END OF SPOILER*


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