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    • Yavin 4 Temple: Darth Ararrat’s Temple of Darkness on Star Forge
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The stronghold serves as Darth Ararrat’s primary base of operations and place of power. After decades of war and conquest, the Sith Lord decided to consolidate his power base away from the Imperial capital of Dromund Kaas, choosing to avoid Sith infighting and unwanted attention, settling on the fourth moon of Yavin, ripe for the taking after the Revanite conflict.

The temple’s primary structure hosts a command center, interrogation chamber, briefing room, and a throne room. The temple’s surrounding grounds also hold the locations of a dark shrine, a special projects laboratory, a military staging area, and the remnants of an abandoned Revanite camp. The base is protected by a number of turret installations and a powerful deflector shield. The Sith shrine also serves to assist in hiding the base’s presence by clouding the area with dark side energy not unlike those found elsewhere on the moon, hiding the personnel within from inquisitive force sensitives.

Numerous objects can be found in the stronghold that are the outcome of Darth Ararrat’s many years of experience in war. Among these are the GEMINI unit taken from an Eternal Fleet Warship that has been reprogrammed to operate the Stronghold’s systems, and the plans for a Star Fortress, with the hopes of one day having the capability of rebuilding one for future conquest.

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