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  1. EleniRPG
    10 March 2016 @ 1423

    You’ve got some cozy nooks, there. I’m trying to figure out what the wispy steam/smoke thing is in your cantina. I know there are some decos that have that effect but it looks like you’ve maybe covered one with another and it’s hard to see what it looks like.

    I have the Luxury Spa in the same place. I love it nestled there along the cliffside 🙂


    • Silenya
      11 March 2016 @ 0623

      I made a little video, which will come soon.

      Yes its hard to place the spa with the big hook. There was my roof terrace before. Hope for a small version with the spa only.


      • EleniRPG
        11 March 2016 @ 1442

        Oh I see, it’s the weapon stand. Didn’t recognize it from the side.


        • Silenya
          11 March 2016 @ 1803

          Yes made the video before i posted the pics, because we thought the same. ;D


  2. Mahna
    11 March 2016 @ 0302

    When u gonna be on rep side. Check the MVPS stronghold via Public thingie. You will find some nice ideas to ur SH there.


    • Silenya
      11 March 2016 @ 0633

      Sure i will do! Normally im trying to create my own ideas but i like to watch other strongholds aswell. 😛


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