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  1. Shock
    12 January 2017 @ 1428


  2. Shock
    13 January 2017 @ 1131

    I wanna do a little contest:

    Count all pets (included the pet companions) in my stronghold on Yavin 4 and post the number here in the comments. No, companions are not all pets and cathar don’t count as pets, aswell. 😉
    Mounts don’t count too.

    To win:
    1st Price: Complete Bastila Shan’s armor set
    2nd: and 3rd price: Shae Vizla breastplate
    4rd: Nekarr Tundra cat

    Note: I can only send the goodies to winner on Red Eclipse.

    Good luck!


  3. Val
    13 January 2017 @ 1347

    Ok so I just had a look at one of the most beautiful Javin 4 Strong Holds I have ever seen. So incredibly well thought out. I counted 24 pets Shock. Hope I’m right;) Will most certainly drop by again:)


  4. Probin'you
    13 January 2017 @ 1410

    great stronghold, loved all the small set ups you’ve got around and is definitely a dark temple :p i counted 26 pets.


  5. kur'ak
    13 January 2017 @ 1707

    didnt realise how big this stronghold was but I counted 27 pets sneaky ones on the temple side caught me


  6. kur'ak
    13 January 2017 @ 1708

    just re-read the post about the droids, ill go with 25


  7. New Character
    14 January 2017 @ 0752



  8. Zanius
    14 January 2017 @ 0825

    i found 27 pets, playing on character “Zanius”


  9. Shock
    14 January 2017 @ 0931

    Sooo, i disolve the contest now. Needed to count myself moretimes, too
    There are 26 pets. (I hope im not wrong,lol) Now the good message: you all have won!

    The Nekarr Tundra Cat goes to -> “New Character”
    A Shae Vizla’s Breastplate for each to -> Val, Kur’ak and Zanius
    Aaaand the Bastila Shan’s Armor Set goes tooo…-> “Probin’you” !

    Please write me with your charactername to “Silenya Frostheart” so i can send or trade the goodies.

    Thank you all for participate and i hope you all had fun. 🙂


    • kur'ak
      14 January 2017 @ 1404

      my character name is kur’ak, nice stronghold you have thought absolutely massive


    • Val
      16 January 2017 @ 0115

      Hi Shock:)

      It’s Val here. Thank you very much for the feedback. It was fun exploring your beautiful stronghold. You may send it to Ritt Fonzo’laker. I have befriended you in game so i’ll see if your online. Keep well. Thank you kindly.

      Kind Regards


  10. Shock
    14 January 2017 @ 2326

    My Apologies the worst case scenario happens and i counted wrong. :-O There are really 27 pets (the sneaky one got me too) but you can keep the already sended items. So the first price goes to Kur’ak! For the first posting with the right answer.


  11. Shock
    21 January 2017 @ 0431


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