Hayley Dorne’s Lair of Shadows – Satele Shan

  • Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace: Hayley Dorne’s Lair of Shadows on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Hayley Dorne
  • Publicly Listed: Neutral

With this build I wanted to make more of a retreat, a less conspicuous location for Hayley and associates. A bit of a Zakuul theme in this stronghold, a lot of the lamps, sconces and flora. Also a recurring waterfall theme, a lot of water features throughout the stronghold.

The entrance has a bit of a carry over from my Coruscant stronghold, using the stone wall as a separator to the main stronghold. Not shown: the starship hook containing the Ossan Orrery, and the rear of the wall where utilities are located.

Next is the main hallway or arboretum or reception area, where I wanted a lot of flora as well as some nice statues, flame torches from Ossus decoration vendor and waterfalls. It’s very colorful and vibrant, I like to log out from here a lot. The bedroom has a nice bedside table and plant set up with the appearance modifier as the stand in for a mirror, with bathroom adjacent. Across the hall is Hayley’s office, desk and chair arrangement I like a lot, as well as a small war room. Admittedly not as extravagant as the war room I made in my Coruscant stronghold, but nice nonetheless. On the way downstairs, the upstairs gallery I went for a blue, green and orange contrasting colors theme. Not shown: the stairway halls. They are decorated, I just don’t think they’re all that interesting to show in the 15 pictures I upload.

The terrace is full of more plants, benches and fountains. Keeping with the Zakuul theme, the central feature is the Zakuul fountain and the entire area is lit by standing lamps. Inside I’ve built another library (this has become a bit of a recurring joke in my guild), I used 8 library decorations total, two sets of 4, book-ended by nobility statues. There’s a droid to assist with library searches, statues, a lounge and plenty of flora.

Further downstairs there is an entertainment room adjacent to the cantina. The idea is if the cantina is too noisy you can move into the next room and browse the GTN or whatever else you’d prefer. This room also serves as a nice buffer between the noisy cantina and the calm library. The cantina features a stylish bar, dance floor, card games and a band in the corner. I assembled the band near the jukebox and used a fence and some speakers to create some semblance of stage scaffolding you’d find in a bar.

Rooms not featured but are decorated: Both staircase hallways, half of the entrance room and starship hook.