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  1. Talisin
    6 January 2021 @ 1553

    You did a seriously AMAZING job on this whole build, but especially with that wonky hall room on the second floor with the horrendous hook placements! Well done!


  2. Hayley Dorne
    12 January 2021 @ 1234

    I know right. That ended up being one of my favourite aspects of this build. That room is so oddly shaped it’s difficult to do something nice with it. It was really meticulous work but it was worth it. I really enjoyed this build. Often the Coruscant and DK strongholds are a let down due to seriously limiting hook limits. Thanks very much!


  3. Kiennen
    7 February 2021 @ 2347

    Wow! I actually visited this stronghold recently while I was checking out other people’s creations and I remember loving this one the best! I took heaps of screenshots myself, and I was really inspired by your really creative uses for the wall decos. I love seeing someone do something with decorations that I’d never even considered and completely change how I look at a decoration. Great work!


  4. Hayley Dorne
    19 March 2021 @ 0151

    Hey thanks so much! I really wanted to set out to push the limited hook count to it’s limit and still maintain consistent quality. I’m very satisfied with the result. Often when doing detailed builds you run out of hooks with a room to go.


  5. Kodiak (@UK_OD_IAK)
    22 July 2021 @ 0933

    That is a wonderful Coruscant stronghold!


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