Hayley Dorne's Jedi Academy – Satele Shan

  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Hayley Dorne's Jedi Academy on Satele Shan
  • Submitted by: Hayley Dorne
  • Publicly Listed: Republic
    • Master Dorne took up residence here after being named to the Jedi Council. She needed a location closer to the political centre of the Republic to coordinate operations, train young Jedi, and oversee the restorations of the Temple. Downstairs includes the reception and a library. The Library is split into two rooms, one large room with the majority of the archives, sculptures and water fountains. The other room containing the study areas, desks and chairs included to work at. The central hallway contains statues of two infamous Sith Lords Hayley has vanquished. The room at the end of the hall is a state of the art war room for where Master Dorne will meet with others to plan operations. The garden terrace is a great place for some tea or coffee whilst overlooking the city. The main conference room upstairs is where Master Dorne meets with visitors, such as senators, Jedi and other clients. The upstairs hallway is decorated with fossils and statues. These rooms are private quarters, including Hayley's personal office, a meditation room and her bedroom.