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  1. Hayley Dorne
    28 September 2019 @ 2005

    I would much rather a Makeb Gazebo. Bioware plz bring it back! 🙁


  2. Rhezi
    29 September 2019 @ 1758

    I had the pleasure of touring this stronghold via public listing yesterday. The room with the Jedi Council looks and feels impressive in person, like walking into an ancient, retrofitted temple. The wall placement is seamless, it was easy to forget I was inside a Coruscant apartment. The meditation room was also particularly attractive.


    • Hayley Dorne
      30 September 2019 @ 0243

      Hey thanks buddy! I appreciate it.


  3. Anonymous
    13 December 2019 @ 1115

    I love the use of the walls!


  4. Joy
    31 December 2019 @ 2339

    What are the walls used in the great room upstairs?


  5. Revan
    2 January 2020 @ 1447

    Those are the Stone Walls from the Martial Decoration Droid.


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