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  1. Haruss
    29 October 2014 @ 0026

    Amazing job, thumbs up for the entire guild! I hear ya on the hook issue, if somone though Nar Shaddaa/Tatooine were restrictive, guild ships are at least twice as bad. Gathering nodes (which most guilds will want to obtain full collection of for all members to use) will take over 100 hooks alone. Most of the rooms are huge and almost impossible to work within the hook limit while avoiding miles-apart spread between each decoration. They need to fix it badly


    • Elora
      29 October 2014 @ 1344

      Ty 🙂 As for hooks, Bridge ones are the worst. As if being too few is not enough, their placement is so bad! Bridge looks empty no matter what you do… I wonder if Republic ship has the same problem.
      I think we’ll be placing gathering nodes to the HQ, it’s just impossible to have them on teh ship.


      • Haruss
        31 October 2014 @ 1913

        We have the Rep ship, the bridge is definitely more deco-friendly than Imp one even if the lightining/style ain’t as sleek. It’s about two times ‘thinner’ than Imp so even sparsely decorated version will look ok. Our officer deck sucks though though, Imp one consists of 1 nice lounge room with panoramic view on both hangars, we got 2 split rooms with long corridors far apart from each other and tiny windows that connect only with 1 hangar each. It would be sure nice to hang our on Imp officer deck, Rep one I don’t even wanna visit nor decorate lol. U can check Dulfy’s video:


  2. Sindariel
    29 October 2014 @ 1108

    That’s one amazing ship. Your cantina and casino are awsome.


    • Elora
      29 October 2014 @ 1349

      Thank you 🙂


  3. Elora
    29 October 2014 @ 1325

    Thanks! 🙂


  4. Gtruen
    29 October 2014 @ 2209



  5. Zyera Keywork
    9 January 2015 @ 0016

    This is awesome! Thanks for sharing! 😀


    • Elora
      15 February 2015 @ 1513

      Ty 🙂 Now back from my exams and found all ship unlocked while I was gone, plus some credits “for your flowers” (quote from officers) in Guildbank. So, Engineering and Command are coming soon 🙂


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