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  1. Solomon Darkfury
    20 October 2014 @ 2237

    no meaning to offend… but it looks like you just fillef your house with plants… it looks like a botanical garden…


    • Candor
      26 October 2014 @ 2019

      Three botanical gardens and a plant nursery, to be exact, thanks for noticing. “Just filling your house with plants” is a little unfair, first because those are only four of 9 rooms and half the pics above, and also because it was actually really complicated to get so many plant decorations lined up in a way that kept them all looking organic and unique from each other. But your response is to be expected, given that the whole point of all the gardens was to get away from the overdone “Third World department store” or “trophy case” looks. I wanted something that you might see in real life, or at least in an actual game map. As much as I like hanging out in the result, I’m looking forward to more plant options in the future, because I’ve decided to do my entire Tatooine SH as one giant garden. Sorry mate! 😉


  2. SparkleKitty
    26 October 2014 @ 2341

    I actually think all the plants look really great!


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