Glitter’s Stairways of Victory – Begeren Colony

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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

Submitted by: Glitter Grey – Begeren Colony

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Had fun with these. The upper levels of my stronghold are mostly public and utility areas, whereas the bottom level is very mystical and underworld- themed, so the stairways actually ended up playing a more important role than I thought, as the transition points. Don’t miss (at 2.5 million credits each…) the Grand Emperor statues waiting at the bottom (outside). The holocrons are turned into the wall in an effort to make them look like torches rather than displays, trying to foreshadow the seventeen Oriconian Torches in the next room. The staircases are one of the few areas where I let things look lined up and geometric; in the rest of my stronghold, every single item is rotated or bumped just slightly to give everything a more organic feel.

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