Desert Front Home Pt. II – Satele Shan

    • Tatooine Homestead: Desert Front Home Pt. II on Satele Shan
    • Submitted by: Revan
    • Publicly Listed: Not Listed

Triplets, Vitiate Shan (Trooper), Theron Quinn (Imperial Agent), and Natasha Cadera (Bounty Hunter), were born long before the Eternal Alliance came to power. Each having chosen their separate paths in life, they still served one another and continued to retain and close relationship. When war waged and the Eternal Alliance came to power, they turned their loyalty to the new flag. Together, the three saved their credits and purchased a desert front home on Tatooine’s Dune Sea. They needed a place to entertain, relax, and to call their own away from Odessen and back in their world they once knew.

To see more detail and missing pictures, the Imgur link is attached below.

SWTOR- Satele Shan- Desert Front Home

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