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TOR Decorating


  1. gua543
    30 January 2020 @ 1050

    The Undersea Lounge part is my favorite, it just feels so… relaxing there. To just chill and look through the window on the floor.


  2. Revan
    31 January 2020 @ 1433

    Thank you!


  3. Lahsbee
    4 February 2020 @ 0801

    Wow, what’s multicolored wall decoration in the last picture? Great job, btw.


  4. Revan
    4 February 2020 @ 1027

    Thank you very much! And actually I turned the hook into the large small mix. The large is an Onderon banner, realllllly dark, I know. Then the small I used just various trophies. All the same, or just ones of the same color palette and then adjust them accordingly. You can get super creative with them, especially if you have the double large wall panels and just covert to all small hooks. 😀


  5. gua543
    8 February 2020 @ 0843

    Damn, I totally missed that, I thought it was just a natural part of the SH, haha. And here I thought I was being creative by combining mailboxes and certain wardrobe decos 😀


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