Ancient Rakata Transporter

  • Source: Decoration Merchant – Data Crystals
  • Cost:
    • 50 x Glowing Data Crystals
    • 300 x Common Data Crystals
  • Stronghold Decoration: Technological – Artifacts
  • Hook Type: Centerpiece

“The Rakata (also known as the Builders), were a humanoid species with distinctive amphibian features. They were a technologically advanced race that developed early in galactic history, even developing some early hyperdrive technology. Long term use of the dark side of the Force corrupted their society and turned them into a race of merciless warriors. The Rakata used their potent Force-powered technologies to conquer and enslave every other species they came across throughout their known galaxy. During the reign of their Infinite Empire, they were characterized by their cruelty, savagery, and arrogance. They were known to strip entire planets of their resources, terraform worlds to fit their own shifting needs, kill entire slave workforces, and to eat and defile the bodies of slain enemies.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki