Medical Droid (Imperial)

Medical droidsmedi-droidsmeddroids, or Emdee droids were specialized in medical and surgical operations. The galaxy was full of sentient species and it could be very hard for a flesh-and-blood doctor to know how to effectively treat more than a few of them. Medical droids had no such shortcomings, some even had a passable bedside manner.[1] The most popular meddroids included the 2-1B surgical droid and FX-series medics. GH-7 medical analysis units were common throughout the Galactic Republic, while the Sith employed DD-13 medical assistant droids for their dark reconstruction surgery.[2] There were even models that specialized in non-sentient creatures.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

 swtor-medical-droid-imperial swtor-medical-droid-imperial-2


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