Wyleth's Imperial Sanctuary – Star Forge

  • Kaas City Apartment: Wyleth's Imperial Sanctuary on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Wyleth Tholan
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
    • Following his ascension to the Dark Council, Wyleth Tholan, the newly annointed Darth Nox, sought to establish a stronghold immediately to consolidate his position as a Dark Lord of the Sith in the Empire. When he plotted out his new base of operations on the capital world, he wanted to make it both his personal home and a display of power; to discourage any would-be rivals and enemies from attempting actions against him.

      After researching key areas of Kaas City, Wyleth became aware of the Imperial War Museum possessing a vacant extension that was built on top of it; for an exhibition that eventually fell through and made zero progress. Using his influence as both a high-ranking Sith Lord and the head of the Sphere of Ancient Knowledge, as well as expressing his interest in the history and lore of the Sith, Wyleth was able to acquire this extension of the museum and transformed it into his personal apartment and stronghold. This would help add the security required as it discouraged anyone from performing any actions that could risk the destruction of highly valuable relics and artifacts provided in the museum. Of course, with some extra funding from Wyleth, the museum would be more than willing to add an additional security detail.

      As his stronghold began to develop, Wyleth wanted it to reflect his power and status as a Sith Lord, while being a place to conduct day-to-day business and hold festive occasions. Decorated with vast Sith relics and dark side artifacts, as he would pride himself as a collector and studier of ancient history, Wyleth also made sure to develop rooms that he would hold grand feasts and present himself as a respected Sith of the Empire.

      As the years went, his stronghold grew and would continue to add more to showcase his position in the Empire as absolute. One thing is for certain, Wyleth ensured that his first stronghold would be one to be remembered by all in the Empire; both ally and enemy alike.