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Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace

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Star Wars & Video Games have been in my life since 1982 (yikes i am getting old). I play a wide range of games (L4D, NFS, Civ, Sims, C&C. Poker) across all platforms.

But as I get older I find I have less time to play them ALL. SWTOR has (luckily) helped me satiate multiple game addictions all in one fix. It is crazy to look back and ahead and see the journey I have taken with video games and its exponential evolution since the days of Pong.

The Nar Shaddaa Palace gave me the chance to bring all of my toons together in one place, make it a functional “truck stop” for all of them, show off my entire collection of items in SWTOR, display my admiration for lore, and add a personal touch to all of the stories of the game. Although not yet completed, my work is nearly finished. I have subtitled all of the individual items in the pics I have posted. Some things I did not subtitle as I want the viewer to figure out why I chose certain scenes and items. Everything in the SH is placed in spots for a reason and I tried to keep the theme as consistent as possible. Since many people stay in the stronghold from many factions, I thought it only fitting that we divide the place in two (like the war of the roses) to prevent any “incidents” while I wasn’t there. So the Republic owns the West half and the Imperials own the East half.

Here are the features of the stronghold by room layout (each pic is labeled):

Grandstand (Entrance) – Welcome Center, Full Concierge Services, Quick Travel Access to Luggage, Taxi Services, Secure Market Transactions

Central Hub (below Entrance) – Main Dining Area, Two Cantina Bars, Banquet Hall, Dance/Concert Stage (converted), Central Traveler Receiving (those guests not traveling by ship use Hypergates)

NW Room – Republic Sleeping Quarters, Private Study, Jedi Archive Access, Intergalactic Internet Access Terminals, Server Droids, Health and Wellness Tank, Sanitizing Station

West Room – Republic Theater (showing only PG – PG13 movies) w/ State of the Galaxy Sound System, Priest Services, Church, Popcorn Machine, Private Communications Booth (doubles as Confessional for Priests and Private Meditation Chamber)

NE Room – Imperial Sleeping Quarters, Private Study, Sith Academy Archive Access, Deep Intergalactic Web Access Terminals, Server Droids, Anger Management Chamber (converted from Torture Chamber), Hazardous Waste Disposal

East Room – Imperial Theater (showing ALL movies) w/ State of the Galaxy Sound System, Escort Services, Strip Club, Love Wrapper Vending Machine, Private Communications Booth (aka – Private Dance Room)

Vestibule – Cosmos Casino

Main Room – Jawa Market & Trade Center, Utilities

West Hall – Utility Closet

East Hall – Zoo

Balcony – Speeder Show, Beast Day Care & Training Facility, Event Hosting

Antechamber – Research & Development, Science Workstations, Medical Facilities, Experimental Weapons Research & Depot

Solarium – Cent Comm for Imperial & Republic Forces, GSF Valet and Sign Up Station, Starship Monitoring Services, Historical Tours, Underwater Sports, GSF Training Simulators w/ Instructor Led Classes

A handful of changes to come once I am able to secure a few more essential decorations to complete my theme. My next project will be to arrange an invasion force where the starship hook is.

I also posted supplemental pics that wouldnt fit here on the Show off Your Stronghold Thread here (