Valorix’s Galactic Stronghold – Battle Meditation


Tatooine Homestead

Submitted by: The Sempervictrix Legacy – Battle Meditation

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As the Cold War was warming up between the Galactic Republic and the Sith Empire, Jedi Master Valorix was tasked by the Jedi Council to supervise and protect the development of a new stealth base of operations in the Outer Rim. Master Valorix chose to restore a disused moisture farm in a remote sector of Tatooine, adding a large hangar and an eagle’s nest dug into the neighbouring mesa. When the work was carried out, Valorix humbly requested and obtained from the Council the allowance to use this new stronghold as his personal residence and base of operations, living there since as a kind of Jedi janitor.

Master Valorix’s stronghold, “The Krayt’s Lair”, usually accomodates two squads of Republican troopers sent there in rotations for several weeks, in order to increase their survival skills in the harsh conditions of Tatooine, under rigorous command and relentless training by Sgt Rusk. These soldiers are often facing Sand People, local pirates, and the natural predators of Tatooine, when not sent alongside Master Valorix to some hot spot in the Galaxy. Wounds and cases of dehydration are frequent, but fortunately, the sick bay is perfectly equipped and managed by one of the best field medics in the Republican space, Doc, a long-standing friend of Master Valorix.

The troopers’ shuttles are usually docked into the hangar, always ready to take off with full load of ammo to anywhere on Tatooine, thanks to the constant and careful maintenance by reliable astromech droid T7-01. The troopers then fight under guidance from the tactical room, at the base of the eagle’s nest. A Jedi shrine in a corner of the hangar can help for a last-minute meditation before departure to a hazardous destination. Valorix’s personal Defender-class corvette “Master Din”, named as tribute to his late mentor, is usually parked on the landing platform next to the hangar, able to reach any point in the Galaxy. The platform is often deserted, as Valorix is away on mission for the Republic, alongside his regular Jedi partner and unofficial lover Kira Carsen.

While at first glance, Master Valorix may look the strong and silent, deadly and boring type of Jedi bloke, he knows that moments of rest and entertainment are necessary to balance the harsh conditions of living on Tatooine. That’s why a very welcoming casino-bar and a pleasant patio have been furnished just next to the barracks and guest rooms of “The Krayt’s Lair”. Besides, a beautiful lounge extending to a balcony over the dunes has been fitted out up the eagle’s nest, between Valorix’s bedroom and study/meditation retreat. It can receive the Jedi master’s guests, passing Jedi knights and Republican officers, and usually the present squads when celebrating the end of their training time. The fountains’ lapping is the ultimate luxury in the arid environment of Tatooine.

Yet, Master Valorix prefers to sit outside when compelled to negotiate with disreputable partners: trade deals with the Jawa clans, or peaceful agreements with the Hutt crime bosses of Tatooine.