• Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught: Valkyrie on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Alexandrina Varis
  • Publicly Listed: Empire
    • After several millennia fiddling about with SWTOR's atrocious decorating system, I finally believe that my ship is acceptable for public viewing. Given my story choices I wanted to create a Zakuulan-Imperial hybrid; a ship that oozed futuristic sparkly stuff and generally, a feast for the eyes. Of course you – the audience – will be judge of that. If you have a character on Star Forge, I implore you to visit as my screenshot-taking abilities or lack thereof simply does not do it justice.

      The rooms featured are as follow: Upper Bridge (consisting the Navigation and Operations area), Lower Bridge (analysts), 'The room towards the officer deck' (general offices); Crew Deck (re-purposed into a Private Club); Crew Rooms (VIP Quarters, my friend's office, and Jedi Embassy respectively); Command Deck (repurposed as The Courtyard and entrance to the State and Throne room).

      Once again, I invite you to visit as there are plenty not showed and the screenshots I took are dreadful.