Trophy: Grand Moff Kilran

  • Source: Achievements – Flashpoints – Maelstrom Prison
  • Stronghold Decoration: Trophies – Flashpoints
  • Hook Type: Wall Small (Story Mode), Wall Medium (Hard Mode), Wall Large (Hard Mode)
  • Cost for Guild Purchase: 10,000 credits (Story Mode) or 100,000 credits (Hard Mode)

Rycus Kilran was a Human male who served as Grand Moff of the Sith Empire during the Cold War and the Galactic War. He was best known for his role during the Sacking of Coruscant, which earned him the nickname of the “Butcher of Coruscant,” and as the pacifier of the Togruta Uprising. Born on Dromund Kaas to a a wealthy family with a proud military tradition, Kilran grew into a creative strategist and military leader. He proved himself, to no one’s surprise, a capable right-hand man to the Sith during the Empire‘s early assaults on the Brema sector. When his Sith superior died during theBattle of Ord Ibanna, however, Kilran showed that he was more than an able tactical advisor—he assumed command of the ragged Imperial fleet and led them to a swift and decisive victory.[1]” – Source: Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Trophy Grand Moff Kilran (Story) 2Trophy Grand Moff Kilran (Story)