Trophy: Dread Master Tyrans

  • Source: Achievements – Operations – The Dread Palace!
  • Stronghold Decoration: Trophies – Operations
  • Hook Type: Wall Small (Story Mode), Wall Medium (Hard & Nightmare Mode), Wall Large (Hard & Nightmare Mode)
  • Cost for Guild Purchase: 10,000 credits (Story Mode), 100,000 credits (Hard Mode) or 1,000,000 credits (Nightmare Mode)

Tyrans, also known as the “Tactician of the Masters,” was a member of the Dread Masters, a group of powerful dark side sorcerers. He wielded ablack and white bladed lightsaber. Tyrans would be one of the more vocal members of the Dread Masters. On Oricon, he would be the master mind behind the tactics used by the Dread Guard and Dread Host forces. When confronted in their Palace, Tyrans treated the encounter like a game, merely using the flooring of his sanctum as a means of making the battle more interesting and using its temporary placement as a means of removing his enemies ‘From Play’. Tyrans stated upon his ‘defeat’ that “It was but a game, the true test is to come.” Tyrans is a master of Force Attacks, unlike his fellow Dread Masters, he does not use any melee strikes. His Thundering Blast, Shock and Death Mark are all powerful abilities in his Arsenal and as such are not to be underestimated. Tyrans’ Death Mark would cause his opponent to wither and die over the course of a few seconds, meaning it was one of his most powerful and deadly abilities.” – Source: Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Trophy Dread Master Tyrans Story