Trophy: Dread Council

  • Source: Achievements – Operations – The Dread Palace!
  • Stronghold Decoration: Trophies – Operations
  • Hook Type: Wall Small (Story Mode), Wall Medium (Hard & Nightmare Mode), Wall Large (Hard & Nightmare Mode)
  • Cost for Guild Purchase: 10,000 credits (Story Mode), 100,000 credits (Hard Mode) or 1,000,000 credits (Nightmare Mode)

“The Dread Masters were six powerful Human Sith Lords who served the Sith Emperor for centuries as prophets, generals, and advisors. Their name was earned when they studied the power of the Phobis devices, artifacts that had driven even the most depraved Sith mad with terror. This power allowed the Dread Masters to destroy entire Galactic Republic fleets during the Great Galactic War; they had mastered the art of battle meditation to the point that they would inflict an awful, mysterious terror upon members of any given Republic cruiser. In order to avoid being compromised, they kept in constant motion in an Imperial dreadnaught that roamed the galaxy. With the help of an elite Republic Special Forces Division team, Jedi Knight Jaric Kaedaninfiltrated the dreadnaught and captured the Dread Masters. The Jedi Order publicly announced that the Dread Masters were killed, but secretly they were imprisoned on Belsavis.” – Source: Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki

Trophy Dread Council Story