Trigyr's Marketplace Cantina – The Docking Bay – The Harbinger

  • Tatooine Homestead: Trigyr's Marketplace Cantina – The Docking Bay on The Harbinger
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    • An oasis in the hostile Tattoine wilds, Trigyr's Marketplace Cantina is a haven for all sorts of dubious characters. This wretched hive hosts a thriving bazaar including local and offworld merchants where nearly anything can be found for enough credits. The grounds include campsites for short term stays as well as furnished apartments for long term guests. The property also hosts a branch office of the Bounty Broker's Association as well as medical and repair facilities. Dining is available at the outdoor "Roadkill Grill" or indoors at the cantina.

      The cantina itself includes facilities for all moods including a balcony with spectacular views of the Dune Sea. In "The Green Room" you can find drinks and conversation in a relaxing atmosphere as well as Trigyr's delicious Mandalorian Barbeque. For those in the mood for something different, "The Hutt's Lair" on the North side of the balcony has drinks and dancers while "The Rainfall Lounge to the South hosts a soothing environment that will have you feeling like you just stepped onto Dromund Kaas.