The ragged Nexu (Jaqoe’s pirate roost) – The Progenitor

    • Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace: The ragged Nexu (Jaqoe’s pirate roost) on The Progenitor
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OOC: This used to be the club and headquarters of the Black Nexu pirates rp guild that was on the server for max 3 years before it got disbanded due to lack of new decent players to recruit. Now it serves as Jaqoe Mau’s (one of the 3 brothers of the Mau family…aka the founders of the pirate crew (all my characters,2 dead)) home and private club. It has a tropical theme mixed with a shaddaa club theme.

IC: The “Ragged nexu” was a private casino, cantina and headquarters of the Black nexu pirates, a place they could call paradise in hell. It was founded by Taigen Mau, youngest of the 3 brothers. After he was poisoned by the empire, the club and the crew were taken over by his oldest brother “Cerevick”, aka the “Eye-lacking nexu) due to the fact both his eyes were replaced by cybernetics after the event that gave the crew its name. Cerevick ruled for a good 15 years before he was eventually killed due to a disease and had passed his position to his 35 year old brother, Jaqoe. After the Black nexu crew got ambushed by the eternal fleet (After 30 years of being an infamous and successful crew) and only its top officers survived (one being Jaqoe). After the survivors scattered, they began their pirate life alone, Jaqoe watched over his now empty club…only his dancers and bartender keeping him company, he missed the crew’s constant jokes, drinking and brawling greatly. The Club was still defended by an anti air defense system that made sure the hangout would never get attacked.