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  • Alderaan Noble Estate: The Eternal Order's Grand Temple [Part 4: The Retreat] on Satele Shan
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    At last we arrive at the fourth and final part of the Eternal Order's Grand Temple. In this final segment we'll be looking at the retreat. We will start with the council chamber and feature a combo build near the walls. Here I've merged three decorations together, a Jedi fountain as the base, then a placed Statue of the Dignified Schollar over the top, moved back to the wall with a Nathema Waterfall placed above, giving the illusion of the water flowing through the gap at the top of the statue, and then plants on either side. With the council chamber I merged it with a small Ossan Orrery.

    The halls joining the rooms are done in a pattern of ops trophy, lamp, ops trophy, lamp and so on, with water sculptures filling odd numbered gaps. What I've done is used the Onderon Sun/Moon wall sculptures and where the insigna of the sun/moon rising I move the lamp to be in line with it. The ops trophies are from some of the guild's favourite ops, and in order as you walk down the halls, occasionally switching sides.

    The half-way room is utilised as another small cantina area. Here all your utilities are available again, along with music, a bar and patrons. In the final room of the entire tour we have the predictable but awesome patented Hayley Dorne library.

    I literally cannot stop building libraries.

    This is getting to be a bit of a meme at this point. Every stronghold build I've done has had a cool library, but this one is something else, and a bit of a culmination of several builds. Here I've repeated the Onderon sun/moon lamp design, walls that don't have water sculptures perfectly aligned with the libraries. Libraries that stick out from the wall are doubled up for a realistic shelf thickness and bookended with Statues of the Serene Pilgrim. This took quite a bit of work and manipulation of the hooks to get this right. It was very tedious but very worth it. Not every utility is available in this room, but mail and cargo is. I think this is the perfect place to end our tour. I believe we've made this stronghold public, not sure how that works for guilds but we have. This build was a lot of fun, I hope you enjoyed it.

    About the guild:

    The Eternal Order is a Satele Shan based multifaction mega guild, the largest on the server, with a highly structured cadre system addressing all playstyles, activities and events. CQ, PVE, PVP and RP, we’ve got you covered. Be sure to contact a recruiter or officer if you would like to join us, also join our website here: