Talisin’s Jedi Consular Penthouse – Star Forge

  • Coruscant Skyrise Apartment: Talisin’s Jedi Consular Penthouse on Star Forge
  • Submitted by: Talisin
  • Publicly Listed: Not Listed

I have been working on my stronghold since starting to play SWTOR just after the Steam release this summer. I’ve gotten to go crazy with crafting and buying some new decorations in the last few weeks with some lucky drops from cartel packs. I think I am finally getting to the point where I am satisfied enough to share it!

The primary purpose of this stronghold is for roleplay, so it’s meant to be a realistic in-game residence for my Jedi Consular, who is a professional archaeologist and scholar of the Republic. It includes a few diplomatic receiving rooms, a library, an archaeology office, and a meditation room as well as personal quarters for my consular and his family. I’ve been working to keep it a very classic Coruscant look, where important meetings could take place as well as quiet family evenings. I hope you like it!