Statue of Karagga

  • Source: Operation – Karagga’s Palace NiM
  • Drops from: Bosses
  • Stronghold Decoration: Civic – Sculptures
  • Hook Type: Floor Medium, Floor Large
  • Cost for Guild Purchase: 1,000,000 credits

Karagga, known as Karagga the Unyielding, was a Hutt crime lord that lived in the years of the Cold War. During his youth, this young Hutt was noted for being a Cartel boss. In this time, he came into a disagreement with the Exchange crime syndicate that had turned into a turf war. This in turn led to a peace meeting formed to end the contentious conflict. However, Karagga simply wiped out the Exchange cell. That action earned him both wealth and respect in the criminal underworld. His victory led to him earning the unofficial title of Karagga the Unyielding with nothing stopping his rise to power.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki