Sleeperbase – Nondescript Secure Location – Prophecy of the Five

Category 3


Kaas City Apartment

Submitted by: Sleeperbase – Prophecy of the Five

Publicly Listed

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From: Requisition Officer [redacted]

To: Cipher Agent [redacted]

Subject: Nondescript secure location (Category 3)

You have been granted authorization to use the nondescript secure location in a Kaas City apartment complex at the address [redacted] for special activities and for an indefinite duration until such authorization is revoked by Division management or any other appropriate entity within the Ministry.

Highlights of this facility:

Equipment for access to emergency funds, to engage in secure communications, and to transfer equipment to and from partners and allies.

Networked computers to collect and to analyze intelligence regarding relevant communications and activities at the planetary and galactic level.

Work stations for augmenting equipment and for disguising one’s appearance to fit mission parameters.

A team of security personnel equipped with small arms and light weapons.

An integrated sensor system to detect incoming aircraft and ground units. Equipped with holographic display and warning lights.

IMPORTANT: In the unlikely event that this location is compromised, it is your responsibility to evacuate personnel and to secure or destroy all documents, equipment, and any other sensitive item or information related to the business of the Ministry of Intelligence.

As a last resort, use the hypergate installed at this location for evacuation and securement. Please ensure that your emergency hypergate coordinates as well as your activation codes are up to date. Warning: the system is dangerous.

If it is not feasible to complete evacuation and securement before capture or neutralization, you must destroy the facility by overloading the hypergate. Use the enclosed security key to access the maintenance panel of the power diagnostic console to override the hypergate power safety regulators. The time to reach hypergate overload minimum safe distance is estimated to be [redacted].

If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

For the Empire,


Requisition Officer
Operations Division
Imperial Intelligence
Ministry of Intelligence