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Coruscant Skyrise Apartment

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Presented in this data stream are some images from the Ten’aal Family estate on Coruscant. The home is primarily that of Ambassador Shevyk Ten’aal, a Master Jedi, who has volunteered to be of service to the Republic with his diplomatic skills. The residence also serves as place of respite for his immediate family which include his niece and nephews two of which are Jedi themselves.

It also serves as a place of meeting for many Republican officials including Senators, bureaucrats, military officials, other Jedi and a wide range of ambassadors. Being an Ambassadorial Residence it has been given Republican Guard.

Shevyk is one of a small number of “Ambassadors” to the Gree, and this is reflected a great deal through some of the home being seen primarily in the entrance Foyer which contains a number of rare Orange Gree illumination modules and Light Pillar. The room also contains a small waiting area for arriving guests. The Foyer is accented with Oriconian fern and potted dwarf trees. The entrance is guarded by two Republican Guard.

The primarily “Gree” area is Shevyk’s main office area which is adjacent to the Foyer and main hall. It contains an actual Gree console unit which he uses primarily in his affairs with the Gree. This area is where Gree officials usually come to speak with the Ambassador. The console can also serve as a translation matrix if no droids are available.

The room is lit with Blue Gree Illumination modules, a rare Gree ceiling fixture as well as a Blue Gree Light Pillar. All of these help along with the Orange Foyer Gree Lighting fixtures to help make the rare guests more comfortable. The space also contains fountains to create a relaxing ambiance. There is also a very efficient and aesthetically pleasing Czerka Executive desk with computer access and a small area for informal discussion with non-Gree guests.

Adjacent to the office off the main hallway area is the Family Vault. it was decided that the Vault would be located in this area due to the proximity to the Gree Office which is where Shevyk spends most of his time while in residence. It is attended by a trusted servant of the family and guarded by the adjacent Republican Guard in the main Foyer.

Going to the end of the hall, is found the main garage which contains a number of vehicles which can be taken immediately from the facility. Also found in the garage are a number of live mounts which are held in a humane stasis which is monitored from a control platform. The delicate stasis fields are balanced by a pair of powerful green data nodes obtained by Ambassador Shevyk during an assignment at a now destroyed cybernetic facility on a distant world.

The center of the hall contains two stairways that ascend to the second level. Mounted in each stairwell are datacrons of both Light and Dark Side natures. Two signs representing both ideals of the Force mark the separate stairwells each which contain only Light or Dark datacrons.

The second approach to the home is from the Terrace platform which is equipped to handle air vehicles and even smaller star craft via a Selkath monitoring device, orbital data panel and a small Republic powering station. The Terrace is climate controlled and furnished with fountains, various topiary, park benches and Selkath chairs which form conversation areas around each fountain.

Of note are the Oriconian torches which provide a very interesting source of illumination as well as acting literally as a visual beacon if needed by any approaching craft. Other objects of note are massive statues of noble beasts obtained from the planet Makeb and Senatorial crystal lamps closer to each of the two residential entrances. Each entrance is guarded by a pair of Republican Guard.

The center of the home is the Great Room which consists of several areas. There is a reading, study area complete with an ancient Jedi library relay. This area can be closed off from sound giving it the ability to be separate in a way from the other areas of the room. Also, private conversations may be had here. There is also a libation area or “cantina” as many call it complete with an attendant. Adjacent to that is an old fashioned cantina jukebox with a small dance area.

The center of the Great Room consists of series of connected divans with a central table. This area is framed by two fountains and two Oriconian holocrons which have been deactivated and emptied of data along with any Force residue. This area as well as the rest of the Great Room is served by another family servant who acts as waitress, valet along with a number of other duties

The Terrace view is framed by Oriconian ferns and centered by a large purple crystalline formation of undetermined origin. There is also a small sitting area with Selkath furnishings set off by a large Selkath sculpture.

Through a security doorway off the main Great Room is the Residence Control Center which is equipped with a number of readouts which follow planetary, orbital, galactic and household activities. There is also the main computer terminal. This room is where members of the Ten’aal family can meet to discuss personal matters or Ambassador Shevyk can hold other discussions of a confidential nature with Republic and Jedi officials.

Beyond that lie the personal apartments of the family. Currently displayed is the “Voss” bedroom. Due to privacy, Ambassador Shevyk’s bedroom is not currently displayed. However, it is said to contain a number of rare meditation objects as well as possibly an ancient Rakatan Mind Trap which is still functional. The third apartment is used by Shevyk’s niece when she and her husband are on Coruscant. However, this room is strictly off limits.

This concludes the cursory tour of the Ten’aal family estate on Coruscant. It is hoped that you enjoyed your visit.