Rishi Tribal Banner

  • Source: Acolyte’s Shadow Pack
  • Stronghold Decoration: Civic – Banners
  • Hook Type: Wall Small, Wall Medium
  • Cost for Guild Stronghold Purchase: 25,000 credits

Rishi was a tropical planet in the Rishi system which was located in the Outer Rim Territories. Rishi is the home of the Rishii. The Rishii are a winged species, which lives in nests on the mountains of Rishi. It was the endpoint of the only well-traveled hyperlane into the Rishi Maze. The planet was the homeworld of the avian Rishii, as well as a number of fundamentalist followers of the H’kig religion who colonized the planet in 60 BBY. Many smugglers used this planet as a base.” – Wookieepedia: The Star Wars Wiki http://starwars.wikia.com/wiki/Rishi

Rishi Tribal Banner 2 Rishi Tribal Banner